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After the rain!!

You might think from the photo that you are looking at the fertile ground of the South American pampas but no it is Wolverhampton!  Despite prodigious amounts of rain, in what has been a (to put it mildly) disappointing summer, the first of this year’s produce is almost ready for harvest. This hugely successful service user led project has expanded since 2011 to encompass four raised beds, providing an array of vegetables including potatoes, tomatoes, onions, carrots and beetroot.  We now have a herb garden with coriander, garlic and mustard that will brighten up many a mealtime across Wolverhampton.
The HUB gardening club embraces the diverse face of both the City and our Centre. Contributors vary from casual pruners to gardening aficionados.  If you have an interest or have green fingers please call the HUB for more details.